Insight TUBOTRON 25 CNC pipe bending machine

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TUBOTRON pipe bending machine

By using the most advanced con­trol tech­niques even com­plex pipe shapes can be bent at min­imum cycle times and highest pre­ci­sion. The bending machines are oper­ated via SIMATIC Panel PC or SIMATIC Oper­ator Panel. An inter­face for remote main­ten­ance of the machine con­trol is standard.

TUBOTRON pipe bending machine 

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TUBOTRON 25 CNC in numbers

Tech­nical data

Max­imum bending per­form­ance (steel pipe)
Ø 25,0 x 3,0 mm
Max­imum bending radius
140 mm
Max­imum bending speed
450 °/s
Bending accuracy
±0,05 mm / ±0,05 °
Dimen­sions, approx­im­ately (WxHxD)
3300 x 860 x 1200 mm
Usable lengths, approx. 
1800/3000/4500/6000 mm
Weight, approx­im­ately
1500 kg
Con­nected load
Ab 20,0 kW
  • Com­pact and exposed bending head for max­imum bending space
  • Pro­gram­mable sequence con­trol with menu-driven user guid­ance via SIMATIC Touch PC
    on mobile con­trol board
  • Servo-elec­tric bending drive
  • Pneu­matic pipe clamping (mech­an­ical fine adjustment)
  • Pneu­matic pres­sure die pos­i­tioning (mech­an­ical fine adjustment)
  • Servo-elec­tric pipe feed and rotation
  • Pneu­matic long-neck collet chuck allows for pos­i­tioning of the pipe in the pres­sure die area,
    with pipe re-grip­ping functionality
  • Servo-elec­tric and anti­cip­ated man­drel retraction
  • Auto­matic min­imum quantity man­drel lubrication
  • Pipe and man­drel support
  • Inter­face for remote main­ten­ance of the machine control
  • Fol­lower-type pres­sure die (linear guiding)
  • Anti-buck­ling system for the man­drel rod
  • PIPEFAB BE pipe bending software
  • Pipe length (over man­drel): 1650 mm / 3150 mm / 4650 mm / 6150 mm
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